Oily Skin: The Basics

Oily skin is a very common concern that many people, both men and women have about their skin. It is a skin type and not a skin condition, and thus cannot be "treated" or "fixed" as if it were a treatable skin condition. Although people with oily skin typically notice the downsides of this skin type such as greasy skin and susceptibility to acne, it also has many advantages. As the sebaceous glands produce excess oil, dryness and cracking are rarely a problem, and the skin tends to be less prone to wrinkling.

In general, people with oily skin tend to look younger for longer as the oil help to keep the skin moisture locked in place, protecting it from environmental hazards. Some characteristics of oily skin include:

  • Shiny skin especially around the central face
  • Large and visible skin pores
  • Visibly oily skin surface
  • Greasy residue when wiping face with Kleenex
  • Acne is often a problem
  • Dry skin is rarely a problem
  • Wrinkling happens later than most people

All skin types have its advantages and disadvantages. Although we can't pick and choose out skin types as we can choose cosmetic products, we can understand how to best treat and manage our own skin.

Oily Skin
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